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Motor Speed News Photography

If you love car photography you are on the right page on the internet. This is the Motor Speed News Photography collection. All images are original and released under CCO. Feel free to share or use these photos, all we ask for is photo credit /...

An Insane Engine Explosion Video

We are always on the hunt for fascinating videos about cars and trucks for our readers here at Motor Speed News. We recently stumbled upon a crazy video of an engine explosion during a tractor pull. You have to see this to believe it. The engine explosion...

How To Drive A 5 Speed Manual Transmission

There is no comparison to driving a classic 5 speed manual transmission. There is a feeling you get as you row through the gears. You make a surreal connection between man and machine. We are big fans of manual transmissions. It is our hope that more...

Watch This Brake Rotor Overheat And Explode

Today's interesting automotive video comes from the Beyond the Press Channel on YouTube. They literally overheated the brake rotor on their Ford Fiesta to the point of an explosion "in the name of science". Thanks to Beyond the Press, you can watch a brake...



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