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Kart Racing Is For Everyone!

It’s never too late to start kart racing. Young kids who will one day be Formula 1 drivers are in Karts almost every day, but kart racing is also for you and me! And there is probably a local karting track near your house!  I recently discovered and visited IMI...

Watch A Semi Use An Emergency Runaway Truck Ramp

You can see a runaway truck ramp on most steep mountainous roads. But have you ever seen one used? It’s a pretty scary concept to think about. No one wants to be near a situation with a truck that cannot stop on its own. If a driver fails to gear down properly before...

A Tesla Fire Erupts Out Of Nowhere

A Tesla Fire consumed a first-generation Model S in China and we have no idea why. On April 21, 2019, a Tesla enthusiast posted a video on Twitter of a Model S smoking and then erupting into a huge ball of fire. Twitter user @ShanghaiJayin has since removed the video...

Always Keep A 1/4 Tank Of Gas In Your Car

Whether you are an automotive enthusiast (like me) or just a car owner, it’s important to always keep a quarter tank of gas in your car. Regularly filling up your gas tank can help your beloved car or truck last much longer without need for major repairs. The most...



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