One of the first car shows and racing events for the year (2023) at Bandimere Speedway was Tuner Mayhem, sponsored by local Colorado auto shop PFI Speed.

We had great weather the day of the event (Sunday May 28) and the turnout was pretty solid. The theme was “ Tuner Mayhem” and there were mostly modified imports in attendance. 

Bandimere Speedway is located in Morrison, Colorado and is the most popular drag strip in the state of Colorado, hosting the big NHRA events most years. 

Highlights From The Car Show 

Lamborghini Gallardo

As you can see in the featured image above, a beautiful yellow Lamborghini came out to the event. It’s always special to see one of these unique machines. This Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera made a couple runs down the track too. The best time it got was a 13.17 second quarter mile run, which is rather unimpressive. But not that slow either. The location is a mile high in elevation, equating to less oxygen and therefore less power. The track also requires a racing jacket and a SNELL certified helmet if your car is faster than 13.99 seconds. The Lambo did however sound amazing as it went down the strip. You can watch a video of the pass on our Instagram.

Rotating Honda Civic 

Pink Honda Civic with gold wheels on a rotating display at a car show

A show participant brought a EK Honda Civic and put it on a rotating stand. This display had a small base with platforms extending out for each of the wheels. The civic floated a foot above the concrete while spinning around. I imagine that someone used or modeled it after a display at SEMA.

This 6th gen Civic also had an amazing paint job and incredibly shiny wheels. It was a stunning display and a highlight of the show for sure. 

Here is a video of the Civic:

The song on the video is Debonaire by Dope, which was featured on the original The Fast and the Furious fim.

RHD Toyota Supra (@Supra_eh)

This might be the coolest Supra I have seen in my life. The paint job on this 1993 Toyota Supra was spectacular and I love the color. The owner paint matched all the parts and the attention to detail is obvious as you walk around the car and engine bay. 

This Supra is a perfect example of how good a paint job can be. The owner could have chosen a vinyl wrap to give a similar effect, but chose the paint route and it was obviously the right choice.   

The first thing you notice on the Supra when the hood is up is the massive Pulsar Gt42 turbo that sits right next to the legendary 2JZ-GE engine. You can see a dyno video on @Supra_eh’s Instagram. It currently puts down 690 horsepower to the wheels and has the potential for even more power. 

Toyota Supra Engine with Pulsar Gt42 turbo

Subaru Forester XT

I really like Subarus, so it’s no surprise that a one made it on this highlight list. This Forester was super clean and checked all the boxes for an elegant and functional EJ build. (EJ referring to the Subaru boxer engine). I could see an upgraded and aesthetically pleasing power steering reservoir, nicely placed red IAG Air / Oil Separator, Radium fuel rails. The list could go on, but for me I really appreciate how the plastic reservoirs like washer fluid have been replaced with powder coated metal containers. 

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About Bandimere Speedway 

Bandimere Speedway, also known as Thunder Mountain, is a popular motorsports venue located in Morrison, Colorado. It has been a staple in the racing community since it first opened its doors in 1958. The speedway is named after its founder, John Bandimere Sr., who had a passion for drag racing and wanted to create a place where enthusiasts could come together and enjoy the sport.

About PFI Speed 

PFI Speed is an automotive performance shop in Fort Lupton, CO, just 25 minutes north of the Denver Metro area. The family owned shop specializes in dyno tuning and maintenance services for all types of vehicles. 

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