A new Facebook group has been created for SEMA 2019 and it exposes all the ridiculous, poor quality modifications on the cars at the show.

If you look at Instagram hashtags from SEMA this year, you will see almost all the vendors brought a new Toyota Supra. Everyone showcased the new Toyota coupe with a BMW engine. It’s quite boring and all the body kits look the same.

But the Facebook group SEMA Fails is making the event the opposite of boring. Attendees are now on a mission to find all the catastrophic modifications and post pictures to the group.

From Road and Track:

“The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show brings some of the world’s best fabricators and manufacturers to Las Vegas each year. Among the sea of tidy, high-quality builds lurk projects that must have been conceived on a napkin with a crayon. The Facebook group, “SEMA Fails,” documents these project disasters, pointing out parts that are superfluous, or just plain unsafe.”

In the group, you will find pictures of horrendous weld jobs and Bluetooth drive shafts on many of the SEMA builds. A Bluetooth driveshaft is a non-existent or non-functioning driveshaft. These trucks have to be literally pulled or pushed onto the show floor because they can’t be driven. It’s hilarious and the group is filled with comments roasting the builds.

SEMA FAILS Bluetooth Drive Shaft Photo

SEMA 2019 is over, but the group is still quite active. During the off-season, group members can still post automotive fails from other auto shows. We encourage you to join the group and participate.

Safety Should Come First.

Modifying cars can be fun and a great hobby, but we must prioritize safety when making custom auto builds. The SEMA Fails group is a great reminder for this. Wild and creative builds are awesome, but they are even cooler when they are built with safety and functionality in mind!