At the F1 Vegas race, there was lots of good car spotting. Right outside the Caesars Palace Hotel I photographed several impressive supercars the day of the 2023 F1 Grand Prix.

I had just finished walking the Vegas Circuit, inspecting the pavement and corners the F1 drivers would be taking later in the evening. This was my first F1 race and I wanted to see as much of the track as I could in person. 

The timing of my return to the hotel was perfect. The evening light made these supercars pop!

McLaren 720S  

This white McLaren was my favorite. The bodylines are impressive and aerodynamic. Moreover, the 720 S is just a really good looking supercar.

White McLaren 720S in front of Caesars Palace Vegas Hotel

Quick McLaren 720 S Stats:

  • 212 mph top speed
  • 2.9 second 0-60 mph
  • 4L twin turbo V8 engine
  • 710 hp
  • 568 lb-ft torque
  • $310K starting price (2023)

McLaren 570S

This 570 S was gray, which I think is a good color on a Prius or a delivery truck, but on your Supercar? It’s a little bland. What’s ironic is that gray is one of my go to colors for clothing and shoes. It goes with any color! But it just doesn’t do it for me on a vehicle. Gray wheels are the exception. 

What I did like about this 570 S was the HRE wheels and the shot I got with the Caesars Palace logo on the approach up to the hotel. Check it out: 

Quick McLaren 570 S Stats:

  • 204 mph top speed
  • 3.2 second 0-60 mph
  • 3.8L twin turbo V8 engine
  • 562 hp
  • 443 lb-ft torque
  • $191K starting price (2021-last production year)

Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador

Firstly, the carbon fiber hood and rear wing really added to this Lamborghini Aventador. Secondly, the pony illustration is a cool touch. It matched the small red Pirelli decals on the front window pillars. However I unfortunately did not photograph the Pirelli decals. You can see more photos on owner gabegtzvlog’s Instagram.

Quick Lamborghini Aventador Stats:

  • 217 mph top speed
  • 2.8 second 0-60 mph
  • 6.5L V12 engine
  • 690 hp
  • 509 lb-ft torque
  • $507K starting price (2022-last production year)

Opinion: Widebody Kits Are GARBAGE. 🗑️

I might get some flack for this, but lately I find widebody “kits” to be egregious eyesores. To be clear, I am referring to attaching plastic fenders above the wheels and creating a look where viewers can see the little rivets and a clear line where the original body starts and where the new janky fender extensions start. 

Save the rivets for airplanes!  

Widebody cars can be beautiful. Sometimes they come widebody from the factory. I can go buy widebody front fenders for my 2002 WRX Wagon, but I rather like the narrow body look right now. Subaru produced both OEM.  

Other times custom shops spend months carving new fenders and bumpers, taking time and consideration for the bodylines, stance, and posture of the car. As a result, the car can handle a wider wheel setup and there are not any unfinished sections of the wheel well

These builds get my nod of approval. 

But let’s also remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you like the look of a wide body kit like the one on the Lamborghini above, so be it! Your desires and artistic tastes are yours and you should stand by them! 

Life is short and you should follow your dreams and passions, as long as they don’t cause harm to a fellow human or their property.

My opinions are my own and subject to change over the course of what scientists call “time”. 

Thanks for reading! 

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