It’s time for the Motor Speed News Instagram Roundup! This collection of amazing photography surrounds the legendary Ferrari F40!

In our Instagram Roundup Series, we cover a bit of the history of the car in addition to general specs and last but not least, a collection of some of the best and latest posts on Instagram for the specific car we are covering.


The History of the Ferrari F40

Back in the early 1980s, Ferrari needed a car to compete specifically against the Porsche 959. Their response was the infamous Ferrari F40, which debuted in 1987. The mid-engine, two-door, rear-wheel drive supercar was built from 1987 to 1992. The LM version continued until 1994 and the GTE until 1996.

The Ferrari F40 was designed to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary and as the successor to the Ferrari 288 GTO, it was the last Ferrari sportscar personally approved by Founder, Enzo Ferrari.

When the car debuted in 1987, it was the most powerful car Ferrari sold, not to mention most expensive. The F40 had a planned production total of 400 but that didn’t happen. Ferrari ended up producing a total of 1,311 Ferrari F40s. 213 versions were built and shipped to the United States.

The Ferrari F40 had a factory suggested retail price of approximately $400,000 USD (in 1987). But in 1990, Formula One driver Nigel Mansell sold his Ferrari F40 for £1 million GBP. Today the F40 commands even steeper prices.

Let us not forget the architects and artists behind the beautiful supercar. Designer Leonardo Fioravanti of Pininfarina is responsible for the masterpiece. Pininfarina is short for Carrozzeria Pininfarina, and it is an Italian car design firm and coachbuilder, with headquarters in Cambiano, Italy.


Ferrari F40 Specs

The original Ferrari F40 featured a 2,936 cc (2.9 L; 179.2 cu in) version of the 288 GTO’s IHI twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

  • Curb weight of 1,369 kg (3,018 lb)
  • 471 HP
  • Engine Type: rear-mid longitudinal 90° V8 engine
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual transmission + reverse gear
  • Top speed: 324 km/h (201 mph)
  • Acceleration:
    • 0–100 km/h (62 mph): 4.1 sec.
    • 0–400 m: 11.9 sec.
    • 0–1000 m: 20.9 sec.
  • Combined 13 miles per U.S. gallon ( 11 in the city & 16 on the highway)

Source: Wikipedia 


The Best Ferrari F40 Posts On Instagram

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