The innovations coming from Tesla are quite impressive. The technology behind Tesla automatic emergency braking has saved a Tesla Model 3 from a horrendous wreck in the middle of an intersection.

In the video, a driver is seen speeding through an intersection. They were trying to beat the red light, but obviously they miscalculated and drove straight into traffic.

As you can see, both cars on either side of the Tesla Model 3 are hit. The first car gets it bumper ripped off and the truck to the right of the Tesla get hits so hard the truck rolls over. Tesla automatic emergency braking seems to work rather well in this type of scenario.

Tesla Automatic Emergency Braking Is Not Effective In Parking Lots 

The Tesla automatic emergency braking utilizes cameras to watch cars and objects around the car, and they work well when the objects are speeding cars through intersections. But when the object is a concrete post or some other immovable object, the Tesla automatic emergency braking doesn’t work all that great.

Tesla owners have complained on forums about how their Tesla has run into other cars in parking lots. They believed the Tesla automatic emergency braking would prohibit the car from bumping into stationary things. They were wrong.

From :

“I picked up my Model 3 a couple days ago. I am not proud of saying this but I had an incident where I am taking my car out of the parking lot and I did not see this huge 4×4 truck parked and I ran really close to it and its bumper touched the right side of my car next to headlight. Now I have scratch and required body work on the car. My question is, when I am too close to the object why the emergency braking did not apply or why there were no indication of an object with that close of proximity. This car has enhanced autopilot and it supposed to automatically change lanes and park itself then why this damage couldn’t be avoided.”

If you buy one of these modern electric cars for features like Tesla automatic emergency braking, just know that it works well to save your car and possibly your life at high speeds, but not in parking lots.