Riding motorcycles and dirt bikes can be some of the most fun times of your life, but riding is not without risks. we found a dirt bike crash video that serves as a good reminder to wear your motorcycle protective gear!

Riders out on the road face dangers from cars and distracted driving but out on the dirt, the risk is brought on by what you decide to do. If you drive in circles on level grass, you don’t have to worry about too much. But if you are hitting big kickers and taking on badass terrain with your dirt bike, we suggest you dress for a wreck. It’ll happen eventually and you will be glad you suited up with proper motorcycle protective gear!

Dirt bike - Motorcycle protective gear article


From bangshift.com:

“This is a compilation video that will show you just about every potential scenario that could befall a rider. Chicken wire bailing up the chain sprocket, “insta-stop” mud that will suck a bike down fast, or the hill you knew damn well was not going to be easy to climb, yet you throttled down and went for broke anyways…every bad decision is going to be put on display. Remember, ride safely, ride sanely, and know your limits. And don’t ride anywhere near kangaroos…apparently they have not one ounce of self-preservation instinct.”


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