Whether you are an automotive enthusiast (like me) or just a car owner, it’s important to always keep a quarter tank of gas in your car.

Regularly filling up your gas tank can help your beloved car or truck last much longer without need for major repairs.

The most crucial factor being the fuel pump. If the gas level gets too low the pump can overheat which will inevitably lead to the part failing.

From msn.com:

“For starters, it’s important to understand how your gas tank works. In your gas tank is a fuel pump, says Bill Evans, who’s worked with cars for over 30 years and is now manager of J & E Auto Body in Clark, New Jersey. This pump runs from the gas tank to the motor, supplying fuel. As the pump runs, it heats up—but when it’s submerged in gas, the fuel acts as a coolant to stop the pump from overheating. If you’re running on less than a quarter tank of gas, the pump will overheat and end up failing sooner than it should. What’s more, driving around on empty can cause condensation in the walls of your gas tank, diluting your fuel, and causing rust, according to Richard Reina, a product training director at CARiD.com.”


The Best Place To Get Gas - Always Keep 1-4 Tank of Gas In Your Car

The Best Place To Get Gas

Another gas related tip is to use heavily trafficked gas stations. Not all gas is equal and not all of it is pure. Sometimes water will get in an underground tank at a station. And although it might be just a small percentage of the overall oil product, water in your car’s gas tank is never good. This is not super common, but it happens.

Filling up at popular gas stations (like near a major highway intersection) will ensure the fuel is fresh. The gas doesn’t sit in the underground tank for very long till someone pumps it into their car.

So it’s less about the brand of gas and more about how frequented the fuel station is.