The popular ride-sharing service, Lyft has launched a new All-Access Plan that gives users discounted Lyft rates. Lyft charges $299 for the monthly subscription. You get 30 rides a month, which is almost one ride a day. Any extra rides are billed with a 5% discount.

If you were to use the app normally, you would pay around $450 for the same amount of rides (30 rides valued at $15 each). So you save a solid $150, but if you have to use Lyft 30 times to get your money’s worth.

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If you ask us, this is a great deal for people who live in highly populated cities. For around the price of a monthly car lease you can get great Lyft rates with the All-Access Plan. You don’t have to worry about driving, so you can forget about all those extra hassles that come with car ownership (AKA insurance, property taxes, speeding tickets, parking, and routine service), not to mention you can have a beer (or a joint if you live in a cannabis-friendly state) whenever you want. A DUI isn’t even a possibility if you don’t drive!

So if ride-sharing is your thing, definitely consider discounted Lyft rates with the new All-Access Plan. 👍

Discounted Lyft Rates & Uber Rates

If you prefer Uber over Lyft, there are discounted rate options for you as well. But the catch is you have to be invited to the pilot program. We can expect a very similar All-Access Plan open to everyone for Uber in the near future.


From Car and Driver:

Lyft claims “personal car ownership is on the decline” despite record U.S. car sales in 2015 and 2016 and only a slight dip in 2017. While forgoing parking, property tax, gas, repairs, and insurance is especially worthwhile for city dwellers, we’d have to seriously question anyone outside a corporate Lyft account who would drop 300 bucks each month on car rides when it might cost the same—or considerably less—to use public transit and a car-sharing service or simply own a good used car with all its associated expenses.

Uber’s Ride Pass program has been quietly tested since last year. As with Gmail when it started, only an invited few can opt in. For 10 bucks, Uber offers a 28-day lock on fare prices after allowing you to set your pickup and destination. But once set, you can’t change them for the duration of the pass. The preset fares are calculated by distance for UberX and Pool rides. Anything outside the preset fares is discounted 15 percent. As of now, Uber hasn’t said if it will become available to the general public.

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