My lifted WRX wagon became lifted in 2017. The 2002 WRX desperately needed new struts and I decided to throw on a 1-inch lift while I had the struts out.

I debated using the suspension from a Forester, but I decided that was too high for what I wanted. The plan wasn’t a Subaru rock crawler. It was a rally car with a hair more ground clearance. I chose to use the 1-inch spacers made by Subtle Solutions.


I made a video documenting the strut replacement and lift for my Steemit blog at the time. Steemit is a blogging platform like medium, but with cryptocurrency rewards. The video is pretty decent, so I thought I would share it on Motor Speed News as well.


The lift turned out great and the ride height was just what I wanted.

But I had bigger plans for my lifted WRX wagon. In 2019 I had Just-N-Tyme Performance (Fredericksburg VA) do a full engine build for me. Since I was going to be pushing a good deal more power I needed the car to be a bit more stable with the lift. While the engine was being put together I added the Whiteline rear lateral link kit and Whiteline sway bar end links in both the front and rear.

The Whiteline suspension parts did wonders for the cars handling and stability. If you are looking to lift your WRX or Subaru, I highly suggest investing in some adjustable suspension parts like the ones Whiteline offers. Mooresport also offers rear lateral links and they are pretty nice. But I went with Whiteline as they are good quality at about one-third of the price.

If you want to check out pictures of the lift you can check out my Instagram or the Motor Speed News Instagram account. There are plenty of pictures or my WRX with the lift. Basically, any photo of the car after 2017 will show it lifted.

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