It’s never too late to start kart racing. Young kids who will one day be Formula 1 drivers are in Karts almost every day, but kart racing is also for you and me! And there is probably a local karting track near your house! 

I recently discovered and visited IMI Motorsports Complex In Dracono, Colorado. They have kart racing rentals and a 1-mile long track. I have tasted the sweet exhilaration that a real racing kart can deliver. And now I have one more thing to search for when I cruise through eBay and Craigslist, shifter karts! 

I took my GoPro to the kart racing track and I made a video of our experience at IMI Motorsports.

Once I learned the layout of the track and got a feel for the acceleration and braking ability of the karts, I could feel my lap times improving. I am really excited to go back and test out the next level of rental karts and get some more footage of my refined lap times.


IMI Motorsports Complex Racing Kart Track Details: 

  • Paved Road Course
  • 1 Mile Long
  • 32 Ft Wide 
  • 10 Turns.

Good Rules To Follow When Renting Racing Karts:

At IMI Motorsports, helmets, driving suits, neck collars, and gloves are included with the rentals. Also, no open-toed shoes are allowed, although this should be common sense with racing anything with an engine. 

Super Moto

 More About IMI Motorsports Complex

IMI Motorsports Complex offers a total of 6 motorsports tracks. Their asphalt course is designed for precision driving and top speed on Race Karts and SuperMotos.

The IMI motocross track is an RMXA championship track for the pro riders. The track was built by professional track builders and is redesigned every year for a more challenging course.

IMI also has a track for quarter midget cars in addition to two ATV/off-road dirt courses with extra space to cruise around on with off-road vehicles. There is also a circle dirt track that features events most weekends.

Kart Racing image

More Reasons To Go Kart Racing

Kart racing is the most economical form of 4 wheel motor racing. The go-karts, also called shifter karts, are fairly simple in design, and as a result, they are much cheaper to buy and maintain than other racing vehicles.  

If you are on a budget, but you still want to race your own vehicle, karting is a great option and open to almost all ages. Racing classes for kids usually start at age 7 or 8.

In the US, kart racing circuits are overseen by the International Kart Federation (IKF) and the  World Karting Association (WKA). Karting is commonly known as a stepping stone to higher levels of motorsports. Many famous racing drivers started their careers in the karting world. Included in the list are some of Formula One‘s most famous champions like Ayrton Senna, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher, and Fernando Alonso.

Kart racing is as fun as it looks. So what are you waiting for? Karting is for everyone!