After completion of the break-in period for the new engine, my 2002 WRX build was ready for a dyno session and a proper tune.

After doing some serious research on Subaru performance shops all over Colorado, I decided to get my bugeye tuned at 5250 Performance in Longmont, CO.

Here is a video of my WRX wagon on the dyno at 5250.

The WRX Build Is Now Tuned To 302 Horsepower & 308 Torque

The new tune has the Blouch Dominator turbo hitting peak boost at 17.3 PSI, which translates 302 horsepower and 308 torque to the wheels. For the time being the WRX is tuned for 91 octane pump gas. Gas stations around Colorado sell 91 as premium instead of 93 octane because of the altitude. E85 is definitely an option for the WRX build, but I’m fairly content with the current tune for cruising around town and ripping through local canyons.

The foundation for my current WRX build is an IAG Performance Stage 2.5 EJ25 closed deck short block. The block alone can take up to 675 brake horsepower, so there is plenty more power to be found when I want it.

However, The primary goals for the WRX build were to breathe life back into the bugeye, give it some more power, but stay reliable. I was hoping for over 350 HP, but I’m pretty happy with the current setup and performance considering it’s tuned for 91 and not 93. The IAG block is paired with the WRX 2-liter heads for a “hybrid build” and I’m still using the 5-speed manual transmission.

For tuning, I am using the Cobb Accessport V3.

5250 Performance

5250 Performance Longmont CO

5250 Performance is an automotive performance shop in Longmont, Colorado. 5250 provides a variety of services including AWD dyno services, automotive performance and customization, fabrication, race car prep, and trackside services.

Shop owner Mike Wiener was excellent to work with and I don’t think I will take my heavily modified Subaru anywhere else in Colorado. In-house tuner, James tuned the car on the dyno and I’m quite pleased with the result.

The WRX Build Held Up Well On The Dyno, Only Needed A Couple Things

The car took two days on the dyno (dynamometer). Tuning started well on day one but after just a couple pulls a coil pack went bad. Even though only one coil pack was done, I decided to throw in brand new ones all around. Mike had the new STI coil packs delivered to the shop in about an hour. But my scheduled time on the dyno was up for the day. Plenty of automotive enthusiasts in Colorado need to get their cars tuned for the altitude and various performance parts, so you gotta get in line!

Wills WRX build - Dyno Day at 5250 Performance - Image 2

Day two started with another issue. Once we started to really hit boost, something just wasn’t right. During the 3,000 mile break-in period for the IAG block, I focused on varying the RPMs but also staying out of boost. Turns out, there was one adjustment needed for the plumbing for the boost control system. Once we figured out the issue we were able to dial in the proper tune for street driving the car on 91 octane.

Wills WRX build - Dyno Day at 5250 Performance - Image 1

Wills WRX build - Dyno Day at 5250 Performance - Image 3