A bush plane is a general aviation aircraft that can fly to remote and underdeveloped areas. If you have a bush plane you don’t need a real runway. You can land on almost any flat area.

We think bush planes are pretty cool and a great way to explore this crazy world. Here are 5 reasons to fly a bush plane!


Reason #1 To Fly A Bush Plane | You Can Go Anywhere!

A bush plane is often fitted with larger tires, which allows the aircraft to land on somewhat bumpy ground. You can basically land and takeoff anywhere. You just need a short and flat landing area.

Bush planes are also designed to land and takeoff with minimal speed. This means they need a much shorter runway.

Some pilots rig their bush planes with pontoons for landing on water and skis for snow.


Reason #2 To Fly A Bush Plane | They Are Fairly Cheap

Planes can cost millions of dollars, but they don’t have to. Small single prop aircrafts can be purchased for $15,000 to $100,000. Bush planes can also be kept in a barn since you can take off in a nearby field. You can skip renting a spot at a hanger or airport.



Reason #3 To Fly A Bush Plane | You Will See Sights No One Else Will

Bush planes can take you to some of the most remote places in the world. Some of the best scenic photography is done from small aircrafts like bush planes. Although drones are allowing people to capture amazing footage and photographs at a much lower price point these days. Even still, a bush plane will get you to places much more remote than a simple quadcopter drone.  


Reason #4 To Fly A Bush Plane | Join An Exclusive Club

Being a pilot makes you a part of a small group of people.  The highest number of pilots in the US at one time was recorded in 1980 at about 872,000 active pilots.

It has since gone down. So the club is even more exclusive.


Reason #5 To Fly A Bush Plane | You Get To Fly!

For ages, mankind dreamt of flying. Now it’s a necessary part of our economy and many people’s daily lives. But it really is a marvelous feat of science.

If you are considering learning how to fly, we highly encourage you to start the process! 


Bush Plane Videos 

Trent Palmer is a pilot with tons of cool videos on Youtube. He flys a Kit-Fox Bush Plane and takes it on amazing adventures. Check it out: