James is known as TheStradMan on Youtube, where he vlogs about supercars and his badass garage of cars. He recently joined the infamous V12 club with an Aventador!


6 Years Of Work To Join The V12 Club

TheStradMan has been vlogging about cars since 2012, that’s over 6 years of grinding and putting out content for his followers. His hard work has paid off big time. Congrats James, we think your new V12 is drop dead gorgeous.

TheStradman’s new Lamborghini is a 2012 Aventador LP700. The LP700 has a 6.5 L V12 with 690 HP. His new car joins alongside his Lamborghini Gallardo (gated manual) and lifted Jeep. We watch a good amount of his videos about car culture and supercars. You should definitely check his channel out.

Here are some of TheStradMan’s latest videos:


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